Broken Thoughts
Object De Luxe

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 - Internationally Acclaimed Fine Art Photographer -

"You can't be afraid to deal with your demons. You've got to go there to be able to write."    . . .  Lucinda Williams


"Halò, Dia Duit, Hallo" - My Gaelic Greetings!

West Village NY, The Mission SF, Design District Miami

of note . . . "I am an observer of life"

"All of my images are preconceived in one way or another. I draw from the emotional moment presented to me while it is back filled with years of subtle poetic affirmations."

"I want people to feel compelled to comment and take a position on my imagery, be that pro or con. Indifference is a slow death to all artists. Engage the viewer with your intentions and impact them with your passion."

"We are all living with ghosts in one way or another, be they thrust upon us or conjured on our own."

"What is tangible and comforting to me may be absurdly abhorrent or unsettling to others. In the end, I wish to allow the viewer to complete the narrative on their own terms."

"As a guitarist, I am drawn to the flats on the scale, the notes 'beneath the notes,' the visual riff of life."

"The common thread weaving throughout my creative narrative is the realization that life is without answers. Peace with calmness is fleeting; loss with pain is profound, cavernous and permanent. Is that dark or just honest?"

"This is a very real collaboration, it comes with a price; fill your pockets with tokens, the ride is worth it."

James -

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